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Body and Soul

Body and Soul

Part 1

By Erica Storm

Copyright 2015 by Erica Storm


Copyright © 2015 by Erica Storm

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Copyright Page

Body and Soul

Chapter 1: Robin

Chapter 2: Robin

Chapter 3: Robin

Chapter 4: Robin

Chapter 5: Robin

Chapter 6: Robin

Chapter 1: Monica

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“The ski season in Colorado is something I never thought of or cared for. I arrived in Colorado never expecting to fall in love but I fell in love with a rich man who is engaged. I met him, gave myself to him, and then discovered I could never have him. My heart broke, but it wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning.”


“I convinced myself that I wasn’t what Robin wanted. I knew I wasn’t. Why would a beautiful young woman want someone who’s engaged, can’t break away from an addiction, and the woman who fed my addiction.”

Chapter 1: Robin

y brother Wayne had the bright idea to take me with him and his white girlfriend to a ski resort owned by her brother Edward Wentworth, in Colorado. Wayne met Alexis in college and they hit it off, and after that, I couldn’t use my key in his apartment anymore.

The reason is when he fell in love, everything changed, and I couldn’t open the door to his apartment without knocking. It was Sunday, my day to cook for him, he liked a home cooked meal especially on Sundays. When mama was alive she would indulge his spoiled ass by cooking his favorite, a pork roast with carrots and potatoes and green vegetables. He would ask for two meats and three vegetables and banana pudding. After she died, that chore went to me.

I cut out the two meats, cooked one meat and two vegetables, and received an angry phone call. “Baby sister, what’s up with my food? Don’t you know I need my home cooked meal on Sundays? A man can’t function without his food. I need to keep up my strength.”

“You mean a man doesn’t have the energy to do what you do with Alexis if he’s eating out all the time. Those burgers and fries must take a toll on your erections.”

“You shouldn’t know about those things.”

“Why shouldn’t I know about those things? I’m nineteen and a woman.”

“You’re nineteen and my baby sister. I’ll tell you when you’re grown,” Wayne says to me. I take offence with his words.

“Who has been taking care of your ass? Washing your clothes, cooking, cleaning up after you, keeping those black girlfriends of yours from beating down Alexis, and keeping you in line so you can meet that rich woman. Who has been giving you advice because you act like you’re sixteen playing with toy soldiers and cars when you should have been out learning about girls and life? Me. Now leave me alone and talk to Alexis like that. She’s your woman, I’m not.”

There was a long silence and he said, “Never mind that shit, what about my food?”

Men and their food. All they ever need is a home cooked meal, a little release, desert, and they are as tame as poodles, but even a poodle gets riled when they don’t get what they want.

I shot back at him, “Let that white woman you’re so fond of cook you a meal if you don’t like what I’m doing.”

“You know Alexis Wentworth can’t cook. She comes from a prominent family in Seattle. She had a maid and butler all her life.”

“There are no prominent families in Seattle. Her family is probably one of those poor ass pioneers who stumble on something by mistake. They were lucky and she’s lucky. Just like she stumbled over your poor ass and thought it was gold.”

“I’m gold to her baby girl, ever loving black gold, and she can’t get enough of me. She bathes in me night and day.” Now the conversation had taken a turn south, and I didn’t want to hear my brother tell me on one hand that he’s taking her white ass night and day, and I have to remain a virgin until he says I can be a woman. That just will not happen. I spend all my leisure time doing things for him and that’s why I can’t have a decent relationship.

If I had a date or had planned on going out with a friend I would drop what I’m doing and drive across town to do him a favor. Every time I would run into Alexis and she was always trotting around the house naked.

She likes prancing around with not a stitch on, and Wayne would be jumping her in front of me at every occasion. It became embarrassing just being around them. He would spend all day in bed with her, and they would rush off to class, when they were in college, and expect me to cook and clean for them.

After college they bought a house with her money she received on her twenty first birthday from her grandparents. Alexis had her college tuition paid along with everything else. Wayne and I had to work for what we got.

Alexis was Wayne’s gold and he knew it, but he was full of himself after she became his girlfriend. With Alexis validating that Wayne’s a gift to women, he became full of shit like a Christmas turkey, my mother would say.

For the life of me I don’t know why I took an invitation to fly with them, on her brother’s private jet, to meet her brother who just came in from England or some place. He invited Alexis and Wayne to go skiing in Colorado at his lodge and cabin for the week, and Wayne didn’t want to leave alone so he suggested that I go with them.

Or he was just trying to make sure he had his own private cook.  

I’m glancing at them hugging and kissing in this small jet. They are making me want to puke. I’m wishing and hoping for that kind of relationship with someone, anyone. But that sexual thing they have going on is too much for me. I don’t understand the attraction.

Not having had any sexual experiences because I was being guarded by my Pit Bull of a brother, until he found Alexis, and because of that, I didn’t even know how to kiss. Black men wanted you to be experienced. Maybe they had seen too many strippers and too many videos of women sucking dicks. I don’t know which, but when I finally went on a date, the guy got angry.

“Fuck, Robin. You can’t even kiss. I know you can’t suck cock.”

“Why would I want to suck your big black cock?” I asked frowning.

“Because I need it to be sucked,” He says frowning at me. “That and cook for me.”

“Have you lost it? I don’t cook for anyone or suck balls.” I didn’t cook for anyone but my brother, and that was ending, and I certainly wasn’t going to suck this guy’s balls or dick. He dropped me home and never text or called me again.

One Sunday morning when Wayne and Alexis should have been out for a jog or going to church, I walked in on them and he was, well, doing what I called something unspeakable. She was tied to the bed and I thought Wayne was getting ready to torture her. I opened the door checking on them because I didn’t hear them when I entered. Usually I just cook and leave and head back to my dorm room, but I opened the door instead, and there Alexis was laid spread eagle across the sheets with nothing on, her hands and legs tied to the bed.

Rushing over to untie her, Wayne comes out of the bathroom saying, “What the hell, Robin, can’t you knock first.” He has a large tube of lubricants in one hand and something rubber in the other which he hid behind his back.

“I didn’t know anyone was home and anyway I was looking for a band aid.” I lied. I was just nosy. I wanted to take a look at all the designer clothes Alexis wore.

That’s what I get for not knocking and being nosy. I made up the story. I just wanted to see their room. Their house was beautiful and Alexis wore beautiful clothing. I thought I would try on a few pieces before she came home. I couldn’t imagine that I ever would be able to afford clothes like she wore.

“Get out. Can’t you see we’re working on something,” Wayne says his brow furrowed and his eyes hooded. He was angry. He didn’t want me to know that there was a life outside of school and the kitchen.

Sure they were working on something and it wasn’t legal. She lay there with a ball in her mouth and trying to laugh and giggle. Alexis must have thought something was funny, but I didn’t see anything funny at all with letting Wayne do that to her.

It’s not good to be sheltered and then see something like this. It could confuse a girl. I had never had a boyfriend and I couldn’t imagine that he would want to tie me up or was I missing something. Now that my mother is gone and Wayne was responsible for me or was I the responsible one. After seeing him naked, I didn’t want to look at him again. It was just too unsettling so I explained to him that he would have to get Alexis to cook or eat out because I wasn’t going to do it anymore.

Wayne gave me his old apartment when he moved in with Alexis, and now I live alone, but I get a visit from him once a week. No doubt he’s checking on me to run away anyone that may want me.

Alexis is the one who suggested that we meet her brother. And she took me shopping to thank me for cooking for them. Alexis thinks we’re going to be one big happy family, and together, we could break the news to her family that she and Wayne are getting married.

Chapter 2: Robin

he jet finally landed and we were met by a limo driver. I stepped out and it was cold. Before I didn’t have the kind of clothes to go to a resort or a party, but Alexis took me shopping and bought me everything I needed to be well dressed on the ski slopes. I don’t know why I agreed to go other than my brother insisted, and I don’t know why I paid attention, other than I had nothing better to do.

I can’t ski and I’m not riding on any of those ski machines. I do know how to ice skate, and maybe I can hold my own there if it’s inside a building. I’ve heard stories about people skiing and running into trees and that scares the shit out of me. Besides, this kind of shit isn’t natural to black people, and our skin and hair don’t act right in cold temperatures. I might be worried about my hair getting fucked up, get distracted, and then bam hit a tree.

After stepping out of the plane, already my lips begin to chap and the altitude makes me feel as if I would faint. Wayne shouts, “Come on Robin, hurry up. Get in the car.” I couldn’t stand one more day of him ordering me around. I shot him a look.
You got me out here, you and your crazy girlfriend, now don’t fuck with me.

Wayne has been saying over and over now don’t do something to make me shame. Hell, the day he decided to tie a woman up before he fucks her, is shame enough, and let your sister see you, how much more shame can you get? I look at him and smack my mouth. But I didn’t say anything. I gave him a pass this time and fold my arms after I jumped into the limo.

“Look Wayne, I know how to act. I’m just going to be myself.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” he says to me. I shoot him the middle finger. I had started that since I was a girl. I wouldn’t talk back to him because he’s older, and he’s my brother after all, but I had to get my point across. And he got the point and left me alone. Now was not the time for his fucking lectures.

He got me out here, out of my elements, and now he’s telling me to not act like a black girl. Alexis acts blacker than I do, or hasn’t he noticed. She’s the one that talks like she’s urban from the streets. Maybe she does that because she thinks that’s what Wayne likes. She can out black some of the black girls especially me.

When I meet black guys they say, “You sound like a white girl.”

You never know where you stand with black men. One minute they want you to act refine and speak the Queen’s English, then they complain about that, and the next minute they want a street woman to suck their cocks and talk nasty to them.

I’m confused especially since seeing Alexis and Wayne together doing BDSM.  

I ambled into the limo with the driver helping me after Wayne rushes in after Alexis. The drive is beautiful. Nothing but white snow and trees. Something you see in a movie and now it would be my experience.

Now I realize I needed to get out of Seattle. I’m glad Wayne forced me to go with them. I hadn’t been out since we moved from Atlanta, Georgia, when some old boyfriend my mother went to school with promised her a life of leisure if we moved with him.

We picked up and rode the bus for days to get there. When he met us at the Greyhound terminal, his face changed from a smile. He didn’t know that she had two children who would be coming with her. The first week we were there, the arguments started, and then we were in a homeless shelter. Mama and Wayne found a job and things were better from that day.

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