Breathless Awakening (The Breathless Series)

Breathless Awakening

K. Aybara

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This book contains adult content. Inferences of violence and mature sex are included. If you are unable to read this type of material or under age eighteen, please do not proceed with purchasing this book.


This book is dedicated to you. Sure there are people in my life that I could pick that may have influenced me while writing this story, but ultimately it was written for you.



Holy shit! I couldn’t believe the torture was finally over! I finally had Cailyn’s beautiful glistening body, was able to run my lips and tongue over every delectable inch of her beautiful form, and her tight wet pussy had milked every last drop from me. In the grand scheme of things, it hadn’t been that long since we had started dating. We had been together just under two years, but how could I have gone so long without touching and devouring this sexy woman that was now my wife? Her body was the epitome of sex. How could I have controlled myself and respected her enough not to even get a peek at how drop dead gorgeous she was? The curves of her firm breasts, her toned legs led to such a sweet ambrosia that I was still high from the pleasure of tasting her, and that ass… I couldn’t wait to get behind that ass and fuck the hell out of her, my hand coming down and leaving a handprint as bright as her hair. A shiver ran down my spine at the thought.

Cailyn shocked me with some of the things she knew. Those friends of her must have corrupted her over the years with all of their stories, but I was going to have to thank them for it at some point. The wedding had me more than a little nervous, let alone finally getting to put my hands, among other body parts, on Cailyn, but all the nerves were worth it. She had been completely calm and collected. You would think that for a virgin she would have been a nervous wreck. Maybe it was from all the alcohol. After the first few seconds in the limo, my nerves settled and that blowjob felt like it was from a pro. The way her lips were snug against my cock, her hand sliding up and down with her mouth. No wonder I blew my load in record time. Of course, it might have had something to do with the fact that I knew mine was the first cock to ever slide between those lips, or maybe the fact that it had been over two years since anything other than my hand worked my cock.

And her pussy. Oh my fucking… Hot damn was that one tight, soaking wet pussy. Granted I had never had anyone give me their virginity, but I had no idea that it would feel so good surrounding me. And when she finally orgasmed, I thought my balls had turned blue from lack of circulation. Having her again was the only thing on my mind. Was she going to feel up to going again? She’d been through so much tonight. Did I hurt her when I got a little rough with her nipples?

Cailyn’s arms reached up, wrapped around my neck, and pulled me down to her for a kiss. Her lips were as soft as satin, her eyes full of passion. And her heart was mine. I loved this woman more than I ever thought possible. She wasn’t my soul mate–she was my soul. If you were to look deep inside of me, past the trials and tribulations I had suffered throughout my life, you would find Cailyn at the heart of everything that made me who I was. Cailyn had filled every crevice of me with love and compassion, desire bursting at the seams to do more with her, or better yet to her.


Oh my God, that was heavenly bliss. My husband had just made love to me, and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. The ring was there as Luke took my hand in his and brought it to his lips to kiss; this wasn’t another dream like last night. Luke was miraculous. Okay, so I didn’t really have anything to compare him to other than my dream, but I didn’t think it could get much better than him. He was going to have a hard time living up to that performance again.

My heart raced, the thunderous pounding of a herd of wild horses stampeding through the Wild West. My pulse felt like it was going to burst from my veins. Luke was still leaning over me; his beautiful eyes took in every inch of my body. Luke’s stare had a hunger as his gaze took in my naked form lying in the soft bed. I felt so self‐conscious. No guy had ever seen my body, not even him. I was guessing by the presence of his cock pressing against my leg that he liked what he saw though.

My arms wanted to cover myself, cross them across my breasts or something. I felt so ashamed to be exposed like this, so dirty, but something about it excited me. The desire that I could see in his eyes confirmed what I already knew. He loved me. But what I had been nervous about, what I hadn’t been sure about, he desired me. All those months and years of making him wait, and for the most part, wondered if he truly respected me, or if maybe the desire to be with me didn’t exist. This was a new chapter in the story of my life. For so long I had been the pure and innocent little daddy’s girl. I finally got to escape that life and open up a little. This was going to be a lot of fun if I could get over the self‐doubt.

The alcohol was probably doing the talking at the moment, but I wanted more of that hot steamy man that was naked above me. I may have regretted it later; I may have been sore, hell I may not have even been able to walk the next morning. None of that mattered though. All I was going to do was sit on a plane and fly away to paradise with the love of my life. As long as I was ready to take him again that night when we got there I didn’t care. I wanted him to fuck me now so I could enjoy every blissful second of it.

Chapter One


A grin spread across my face that I couldn’t contain any more than I could my throbbing cock as it rubbed against Cailyn’s leg. I laced my voice with sarcasm, hoping that she would catch it. “Beautiful, that was absolutely amazing. I’m speechless right now. That had to be the best sex I’ve had in years.”

Cailyn’s eyes lit up with joy from the praise I gave her. She had been nervous about our first time, but she proved that she had nothing to be nervous about. “You weren’t too shabby yourself. I mean that had to be the best I’ve ever had.” Cailyn’s arms crossed over her chest, hiding those beautiful milky breasts and pert nipples. I couldn’t help but frown slightly as they disappeared from my sight but that only made her chuckle. “And exactly how much sex have you had in the past few years that you haven’t told me about?”

“Oh really? Don’t go giving me an ego or anything, and you know what I mean.” Cailyn’s smile could light up any room, but when she laughed, I could follow that smile into the darkest abyss and never fear what may be lurking in the shadows. “On a serious note, my dear, how are you feeling? Are you ok? I wasn’t too rough or anything was I?”

“I might feel it a little more in the morning, but right now, I don’t care. Will you take me again?” Cailyn’s eyes begged me as she stared into my eyes wantonly. “Have your way with me, Luke, do whatever you want to me. The sensations you made me feel, the ecstasy rushing through every nerve in my body… I need that again. I want that every night for the rest of my life. Do you think you can do that for me?” Her hands went around my neck, pulled me into her for a sensual kiss, and I could feel those nipples press into my chest.

“How about we start right now?” My hand reached up to caress her breast, fingertips brushing across the soft skin before rubbing against her hard nipple. She flinched a little as my finger brushed against her nipple. Her nipples must have still been sore from earlier. I would need to remember that she was delicate and still adjusting to the sensations she had never experienced. Not even knowing where to start with these bottled up frustrations I had held onto for so long. I had spent so many lonely nights thinking about what I wanted to do with to her. There had to be a way to slowly let my frustrations out without overwhelming her, but it gave me an excuse to spend more time with her in bed– or the shower, the beach, the balcony. This was going to be one amazing honeymoon. I wiggled my finger gently back and forth across her other nipple a time or two before caressing her beautiful breasts.

Our mouths met again, her soft lips pressed firmly against mine, sliding her tongue out to part my lips as her hand reached to the back of my head. She pulled me firmly against her. My growing cock rubbed against her thigh begging for attention.

Cailyn reached down to stroke my cock, her fingers trailing around the tip to tease me, and a fire ignited in her eyes. “Looks like someone is very happy to see me, I don’t think you are ready for bed just yet.”

Pulling her hand away was difficult, but after waiting so long to see, touch, taste, and enjoy this gorgeous body in front of me, I couldn’t let her get me too worked up. “That really feels good, Cailyn, but let me show you how good I can make you feel.”

My lips started to kiss at her neck, brushing the hair away to expose the sweet spot right below her ear that made her weak in the knees. There was this spot I had found a little over a year before the wedding and she never would let me kiss her there again. That first time I knew it wasn’t just her knees that were getting weak, but her resolve also. Every time I would try to kiss her there after that evening, she would try to squirm away from me. Cailyn hated that I had made a game of it between us for a little while until one day she had finally had enough. She told me, in no uncertain terms, was I to kiss her there before our wedding night, or else.

I didn’t really think she meant it at first, but the next time I tried, she wouldn’t kiss me for a month. After that, I didn’t want to imagine what the “or else” might entail. I’ve waited to kiss that spot ever since. There had even been times that I had to force myself to think of other things to prevent my lips from sliding up her neck. With her beautiful body completely naked beneath me, I felt the goose bumps rising on her skin as a giggle mixed with a slight moan escaped her lips.

Her body started to squirm; her legs rubbed against my erection, her breasts begged me to leave her neck. Kissing gently as I moved to her breast, my lips barely touching her skin. I ran a finger up through her hair, sliding a few loose strands behind her ear before letting the back of my finger trail behind her ear and across the spot. Her passion intensified as she reached down to stroke my cock again. Not letting my lips leave her body, I reached down and grabbed her hand, raised it above her head, and grabbed the other one to join it. My hands pinned her hands firmly above her head as I continued the gentle touch of my lips against her silky skin.

Looking up to her eyes as my mouth encompassed her nipple, I saw the heated passion that was fueled by the forcefulness of being pinned down; yet the innocent desire was there as well from the tease of such a soft touch. There was an internal battle behind her eyes. All of these sensations were new to her. My youth had given me experience that she was lacking, even if I was a little bit rusty, but everything was new to her. She was attempting to take everything in, figure out what she liked, but I could tell it was all overwhelming her. She had been overwhelmed with the sensations, loving every moment of it all, but who was I to complain? I knew from earlier that her nipples were sensitive so I fought the urge to roll them between my teeth; however, I did firmly suck them into my mouth and flicked the tip of my tongue across them.

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