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Authors: Alice Brown,Lady V

Fire & Ice

Fire Ice
Dragons of Dragonose [2]
Alice Brown Lady V
JK Publishing, Inc. (2014)
Tags: Erotic, Fantasy, Menage, Paranormal, Romance

 Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Ménage – MFM.

 In book two of the Dragons of Dragonose: Aiden and Adrian Barrymire, twin princes of Dragonose, yearned for a mate.  They came to Earth in search of her, never expecting to find her while working on a case for their security company.  When she becomes injured before they have a chance to mate her, they make the decision to transport her back to their homeland for better medical care.

 Evangelina works hard to make ends meet to survive, never having anyone special to take care of her.  It seemed she always fell for the losers.  When Evangelina is injured, then wakes to discover she is not on earth anymore, it just solidifies her life has yet again taken a downward spiral.  As if she needs any more trouble in her life, she has two men telling her she is their mate and keeping a huge secret from her.  Yep, she always draws in the losers.

 After so many failed relationships, can Evangelina place her trust in not only one man, but two?  When their secret is revealed, will the twins lose their only chance at true happiness?  And will Dragonose find a sliver of hope for their future if the three join?    



Fire and Ice


Dragon of Dragonose

Book Two


by Alice Brown and Lady V


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Artwork by Jess Buffett

Dragons on Cover by Kyrie Draca

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Heather, we don’t know what we would have done without your help on this one. Thank you so very much my friend! Your kindness and willingness to spend hours upon hours helping us make sure this book was its very best is amazing. We are so happy to call you our friend!

Kyrie Draca: Thank you for your help with the cover. The dragons are gorgeous, and you knew just what we were looking for! We are looking forward to working with you more in the future.


Alice Brown and Lady V




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Aiden and Adrian Barrymire watched a young woman walk down the street from the window of their rented, second-story stakeout.

“Man, our lady is looking fine today!” exclaimed Aiden.

“Yes, she is. I love it when she leaves her hair down,” he sighed. “Meanwhile, our problem child is just lurking. Keep a close watch on him, Aiden. That man is a nut job, and I don’t want him going off with so many children around.” He glanced back out the window. “Looks like the parade is getting ready to start up. I’m going down to mingle and keep an eye on things from there.” Adrian cocked his head toward the growing crowd, waiting for the annual holiday parade to begin.

Adrian grabbed his jacket and grudgingly put it on. Truth be told, he didn’t need it. He and his twin brother were of royal dragon blood and as such, their body temperature ran much warmer than a human’s. Their father was King Thoran, the ruler of their home world, Dragonose. Humans, of course, knew nothing about this. All they knew was the two brothers had arrived in town several years ago, and now ran their own security company, Fadri Security.

They received a call last week from the local newspaper. It seemed a man by the name of Michael Stills, had come into the newspaper office about eight months ago, claiming he knew there were paranormal beings in their fair city, and wanted to sell his story. The newspaper blew him off at the time as being a nut job.

Then about two months ago, they started receiving anonymous phone calls claiming there were witches, vampires, werewolves, and various shapeshifters in the city. Later, the calls escalated into claims that these beings were set to destroy Earth. Thankfully, a fox shifter worked for the paper and had overheard one of the phone calls. Everyone knew the “anonymous” caller was Michael, since he did nothing to try to disguise his voice. The calls were making the reporter who was handling this man very frazzled. The fox smoothly offered to take care of the caller, and had immediately contacted the brothers for help. She did not want to involve the Council until absolutely necessary. The brothers had agreed to keep an eye on him to see if he really did know anything, before bringing in the big guns.

The Council was very strict on their “no humans must know of us” rule. However, as had happened more than once, the human in question didn’t have solid proof to back up their story. And since they had agreed to keep an eye on Michael and discover what he really knew, it had become obvious to them that he was a troubled man; while watching him they soon discovered he was stalking a young woman and when their dragon caught sight of her, he demanded the woman was to be their mate. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get close enough to her to verify for themselves.

As Aiden watched Adrian exit from the door below and mingle with the crowd, he thought back to when they demanded their father let them come to Earth to find their mate. The king had not been pleased his only sons would be leaving for an unknown amount of time; however, they promised one call would bring them right back home.

Both he and Adrian were mighty warriors, but when they changed to dragon form, their bodies combined to form one dragon with two heads. Fadri, their dragon, was a force to be reckoned with. His dragon body was charcoal grey with the exception of the two heads. He controlled the fire-orange head, which breathed fire while Adrian’s ice-blue head blasted out liquid nitrogen. He also held some magical healing abilities.

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