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Savaro's Honey Buns

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Savaro's Honey Buns

Remmy Duchene


Leaving the office, Savaro closed the door behind him and walked on trembling knees down the long corridor.

He couldn't believe what he'd just done. But it was for the best. It had to be for the best. A naked little girl darted by him and Antoinette, one of the Care Workers, chased after her. Normally, Savaro would stop and scoop her into his arms so Antoinette could get some clothes on her but this time, he didn't so much as look back. Antoinette bounced into him and that didn't make him look up either. Walking around a
caution, wet floor
sign, he climbed the stairs instead of using the elevator for he knew it would only make his day worse. The elevator was over sixteen years old and always got stuck between floors.

Finally he reached the second floor and turned

down another hall. Savaro walked into the room where his brothers sat silently and fell, like a full sack, on the bed between Laird and Rajan. He clasped his hands, pressing them nervously between his knees, and hung his head. His whole body was numb to everything around him but the thudding of his heart. It was so loud he wondered if he'd ever be able to hear again.

At sixteen years old the world was on his shoulders but he knew one thing for certain: he had to be loyal to his brothers. They were the only thing, the
only thing
of any value he had in the whole world and he just couldn't betray that. His eyes burnt with tears but he bit down on his lower lip to focus on another pain than what throbbed in his chest.

"How'd it go?" Laird asked after an eternity of silence.

"It didn't," Savaro said simply, praying they would just let it go.

"But he was really interested in adopting you,"

Rajan spoke up. "He's rich—you saw the suit he was wearing. I think it was Armani."

Savaro pushed from the seat and walked to the

window with the bars on it. The place was like a jail so why hadn't he taken the chance to get out? There were some kids playing outside on the monkey bars. He glanced at the sky and made a face. The clouds were dark and the sun was gone. It was going to rain.

"Come on, Sav," Laird pushed. "There's something you're not telling us."

"Just let it go!"

"Jesus, Sav," Rajan spoke up. "What's the matter with you? We just want to know why he didn't take you. He was actually interested; I could tell. He had that look about him."

"He did want me all right?" Savaro stared out until the rain began pouring from the sky and all the kids ran, screaming back into the orphanage. "He told me of all the good schools I'd go to—my life if I went with him. It was amazing."

"Then I might be a little slow because I don't understand. Why are you back in here?" Laird grabbed Savaro's shoulder and tugged. Savaro flew around and his back slammed into the wall. "Why aren't you gone?"

"I couldn't leave you guys!" Savaro snapped, tears spilling down his cheeks. "I couldn't leave you and he wouldn't take you two so I told him to find another son."

"You idiot!" Rajan screamed from where he was.

"You could have gotten a home—left all of this behind you."

"Could you have walked away from Laird and me?"

Savaro demanded. He then turned his eyes to Laird. "Could you?"

Laird released him and walked back to the bed. He slumped to it and buried his face into his hands. Rajan went silent and Savaro knew the answer. He turned again to the window and pressed his forehead to the bar. "You guys are my brothers… you are family and you don't split up family."


Savaro's Honey Buns

Remmy Duchene

* * * *

It rained all night. Savaro cried all night. While the others slept he lay there, staring at the dark ceiling until the sun shone through the barred window. When the others woke up and were getting ready for breakfast, Savaro pretended to be asleep. They shook him but he didn't move.

When they left him in the room, he stayed in the position he was in, facing the wall but now he opened his eyes. The time ticked slowly by and he knew it was only a matter of time before someone came knocking. The thought hadn't even fully left him when the knock came. Even as they banged on the door yelling that breakfast was ready, Savaro didn't feel like speaking with anyone. Rolling over, the bed creaked unmercifully but he didn't care. The teenager faced the wall, curled into a ball and pressed his burning eyes shut. The banging on the door stopped and he sighed.

Mentally, he was trying to get over the fact he'd probably given up the chance at a home, a father and a life. He was sixteen, and in two years he would age out of the system.

Then what would Laird and Rajan do? What would he do?

He'd given up the chance of becoming something, of going to university and becoming a chef like he so desperately prayed to be. There was no way only a part of his prayers would be answered.


Savaro's Honey Buns

Remmy Duchene

Licking his lips, he pushed himself from the bed

and walked to the window just as the banging restarted on the door. Taking a breath he opened it and Rajan darted by him. He closed the door. "Why aren't you at breakfast?"

Savaro asked.

"Laird is covering for us and I'm checking on you."

Rajan flopped to the old bed and curled his thirteen-year-old legs beneath his bum. "I grabbed something to eat really fast…" Stopping he pulled something from his pocket. It was a napkin covered Pig in a Blanket and a few pieces of bacon. "I snagged this from the hall."

Savaro smiled. "Thanks."

"What you did for us…"

"Don't say anything, all right. I just… there is something you need to know, Raj. The thought of leaving you and Laird here is horrifying because the food is bad, the people don't care for you and nothing here is as it should be. No child should have to live here, and just thinking of me living the high life while you guys were left… I just couldn't do it. It's nothing you or Laird wouldn't have done for me."

Rajan smiled. "That is true but I wouldn't let you live it down. You would have to do all my chores for me forever."

Savaro laughed and took a small bite of the sausage.


Savaro's Honey Buns

Remmy Duchene

"It would be like, 'Sav do my laundry…' 'But I don't wanna do your laundry…' 'You know, I remember the day I gave up being a millionaire for you!"

"You're a dick!" Savaro accused with a laugh. He knew Rajan was only messing around. "Come on, I need to get dressed so we can go back before Cruella DeVille comes looking."

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